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4 Examples of a Forensic Toxicologist Helping a Case

May 24, 2019

4 Examples of a Forensics Toxicologist Helping a Case

The job of a forensic toxicologist is not a simple one. These professionals are tasked with understanding the innerworkings of chemicals, drugs, gases, metals, and how each interacts with and affects the human body. These scientists know how to interpret and explain drug dosages, drug interactions, and other toxicology fundamentals to help solidify a personal injury or medical malpractice case.



Strategies for Working with Opioid Addiction Experts

January 10, 2019

Working with opioid addiction experts

Opioid addiction has reached crisis level in our country. Every day more than 115 Americans overdose on opioids – anything from prescription painkillers, to heroin and synthetic fentanyl. As the number suggests, this opens the door to thousands of court cases related to opioid addiction across the country each year.



Blood Bank Experts and the Stringent Screening Process

June 1, 2018

saponaro blood blank

Blood donation, not unlike voting and jury duty, is sometimes seen as one of those civic duties everyone ought to exercise if they are able to do so. What many don’t realize is the pipeline that collects and distributes blood is as highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as the pharmaceutical industry. A recent incident in Gary, Indiana serves as a reminder of why the screening process is so stringent.



Common Medication Errors

November 10, 2016

saponaro medication errors

Medication errors are one of the leading causes of death and injury in hospitals today. They arise in several situations. Here are the most common forms of error: