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Comprehensive Case Evaluation

Our Comprehensive Case Evaluation performed by an actively practicing and board-certified physician, or an appropriately qualified healthcare professional.

Comprehensive Case Evaluation Report

Our forensic report will also recommend other specialists that will be required to assist in pursuit of your case. Additionally, the reviewing physician, or appropriately qualified healthcare professional that rendered the favorable opinion contained in our forensic report, is available to support opinions through deposition and/or trial.

Our Comprehensive Case Evaluation speaks to the specific merits of the case. If the opinion is favorable, our forensic report will outline the deviations from the accepted standards of care; the care that should have been provided; and if able, what effect the negligence had on the outcome.

Comprehensive Case Evaluation Requirements

  • A Brief Overview of the Case
  • A Copy of All Medical Records in Chronological Order*
  • A Fee of $1000 Per Case Evaluation**

What You Receive

A forensic report on Saponaro, Inc., letterhead explaining the merits of your case. If the case is favorable, an Expert Witness referral will be arranged. The Expert that reviews your file is willing to support their opinions through deposition, video deposition, and/or trial.

Please do not send original records. Copies must be single-sided.  

Call our office for a quote on voluminous records (Over 400 pages).


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Comprehensive Case Evaluation

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