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Expert Witness Testimony. Referrals in All Areas of Litigation.

Saponaro, Inc. is chosen every day by attorneys and insurance professionals to provide expert witness services and litigation support that help build strong legal cases.

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Over 40 years helping attorneys win trials by placing the best expert witnesses in over 40,000 cases.

Sample Case Evaluation

"My firm has been working with Saponaro, Inc. for over thirty years. Whether it is a Comprehensive Case Evaluation or the retention of an expert in medical malpractice cases they have always been thorough and expedient. We have had great success with the experts they have recommended to us."

~ Willard E. Bartel, Esq.

Miller, Stillman & Bartel, LLC

Expert Witness Referral for Attorneys

With our simple flat fee payment structure, building a winning case just got a lot easier.

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