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Handwriting Analysis & Document Examiner

Build a winning case with a document examiner & handwriting analysis.

A handwriting expert, or forensic document examiner, is qualified to analyze and examine the handwriting, hand printing, typewriting, commercial printing, photocopies, papers, inks, and other documentary evidence to establish authenticity and detect alterations of these documents. They can be invaluable expert witnesses for attorneys especially on cases involving disputes of the following:

  • Anonymous letters
  • Checks
  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Election petitions
  • Income tax records
  • Loan agreements
  • Medical records
  • Time sheets
  • Wills

Our handwriting experts provide objective, independent handwriting evaluations, questioned documents examinations, as well as consultation, deposition, and trial testimony, and explain forensic document examination terminology in a concise and understandable manner.

Attorneys trust the expert witnesses referred through Saponaro, Inc., and we have a strong handwriting analysis-document examiner expert witness selection.

Our handwriting analysis document examiner referral fee: $400.00

  • Saponaro, Inc. will screen the facts of your case with handwriting-document examination experts, and confirm the the expert meets the criteria of your State law.
  • Once the screening has been completed, we provide you with the recommended expert’s Curriculum Vitae, fee information, and their preferred contact information. As long as you are satisfied with the referral, you work directly with your expert from this point forward.
  • Saponaro, Inc. will replace a recommended expert witness, for any reason, at no additional cost.

Let us connect you with a handwriting analysis document examiner today.

Our Straight-forward Expert Witness Fee:

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