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Infectious Disease Expert

Hire an infectious disease expert witness and build a winning case.

Do you have a potential medical malpractice case that may benefit from an infectious disease expert witness? Before pursuing a case, attorneys can work closely with an infectious disease expert to evaluate the merits of a malpractice claim.


Infectious disease physicians specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by organisms. That includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. A wide range of conditions are caused by organisms, including:

  • Hepatitis B
  • MRSA Infections
  • Influenza
  • Lyme disease
  • Measles
  • Meningitis
  • Sepsis
  • Shingles
  • Tuberculosis
  • And more

Many infectious diseases, such as measles, mumps, and chickenpox, can be prevented with vaccines. Oftentimes proper hygiene, such as frequent hand washing, can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like influenza, MRSA infections, and the common cold. Infectious diseases are spread through direct contact (person to person, animal to person, or mother to unborn child), indirect contact, insect bites, or food contamination.


The spread, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases are sometimes complex and difficult for the average person to understand. Infectious disease experts are the ideal professionals to explain complicated diseases and standards of care in a courtroom.


For example, when a patient receives inappropriate treatment for a hospital-acquired infection such as sepsis, and requires multiple life-changing care, a medical malpractice claim may be pursued. An infectious disease expert can help explain sepsis, how the person may have become infected, and proper standards of care for such a condition.


Find an Infectious Disease Expert Witness for Your Case

Our professional infectious disease experts have the education, training, and clinical experience to accurately assess the standards of care, as well as address causation and damages, as your first step in determining how to best pursue your medical-legal case.


Top attorneys and insurance professionals trust Saponaro, Inc. because of our strong infectious disease expert witness selection.

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Here’s what to expect when you hire an infectious disease expert witness:

  • Screen: Saponaro, Inc. will screen the facts of your legal case with pediatric experts, while looking for potential conflicts, and confirming the expert meets the criteria of your state laws.
  • Submit Referral: We provide the selected expert’s Curriculum Vitae and their preferred method of contact. Work directly with your expert.
  • Guaranteed: Saponaro will replace your expert witness at no additional cost if a customer is not satisfied.

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