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Wound Expert Witness

Wound Expert


When a wound does not heal on its own, especially if it hasn’t begun to heal within two weeks or has not completely healed by six weeks, patients are often referred to a wound expert. These medical professionals have experience treating all types of non-healing wounds, including pressure sores, surgical wounds, radiation sores, and foot ulcers due to diabetes, poor blood flow, or swollen legs.


For a medical malpractice case or other legal matter, wound experts assist attorneys with building a winning case. These experts are often called in to advise on matters related to wounds noted above, including how they began, how they were treated, and any errors or negligence that may have taken place during the wound care.

A Wound Expert’s Area of Expertise

Wound experts with experience in the medical field of wound care understand how certain wounds may not heal well due to conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Excess alcohol use
  • Malnutrition
  • Nerve damage
  • Poor circulation
  • Sedentary or immobile lifestyle
  • Smoking
  • Weakened immune system

Wound experts typically include physicians who oversee the care of wound patients, nurses who clean, dress, and implement treatment for the wounds, and physical therapists who work with patients during wound care.


You can rely on the expert witnesses you receive through Saponaro, Inc to help you build a winning case. Our wound experts provide objective, independent wound care evaluations, consultations, depositions, and testimony, and explain medical wound care terminology in a concise and understandable manner.


Attorneys trust the expert witnesses from Saponaro, Inc., and we’re proud to have a strong wound care expert witness selection.

Our wound expert fee: $400

  • Screen: Saponaro will screen the facts of your legal case with wound care experts, while looking for potential conflicts, and confirming the expert meets the criteria of your state laws.
  • Submit Referral: We provide the selected expert’s Curriculum Vitae, expert witness fee schedule, and their preferred method of contact. You work directly with your wound expert.
  • Guaranteed: Saponaro can replace an expert witness at no additional cost if a client is not satisfied.

Let us connect you with a wound expert today.

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