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Certificate of Merit/Affidavit of Merit

July 2, 2015

Our Comprehensive Case Evaluation service is a simple and cost effective approach to meet your State requirements in the preparation of an Affidavit of Merit and/or Certificate of Merit While the requirements of the Affidavit of Merit/Certificate of Merit vary from State

to State, Saponaro Inc., will prepare a forensic report that contains the following information to assist you:

  • an explanation of the applicable medical standard of care that the defendant should have followed (i.e., what a reasonable physician in the defendant’s position should have done)
  • an opinion that the defendant failed to follow the applicable standard of care (i.e., that the defendant was negligent); and
  • an opinion that the defendant’s negligence was a cause of the plaintiff’s injury (if able)

This forensic report through our case evaluation service provides the necessary elements to prepare an Affidavit of Merit/Certificate of Merit to be signed and notarized by the reviewing expert.

Some states have strict requirements regarding the qualifications and certification of the medical professional who would be qualified to sign an Affidavit of Merit/Certificate of Merit.

Saponaro, Inc. will refer:

  • an actively practicing physician or medical professional in the specialty of concern
  • an expert with the necessary clinical experience (i.e., that the physician actually performs the care in question and was doing so at the time the potential negligence took place) to qualify through deposition and/or trial,
  • a physician who is board-certified in the same area of medicine as the defendant
  • a physician and/or medical professional who spends a majority of their time in active clinical or academic practice.

Our Comprehensive Case Evaluation can provide you with the framework to assist in the preparation of your Affidavit of Merit/Certificate of Merit in a straight forward and timely manner.

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