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Constructing Your PI Case with Saponaro, Inc.

May 25, 2016


Just 6% of America’s workers are employed in the construction industry. Yet this industry accounts for 20% of fatalities – the largest number reported in any sector.

In construction, risk and conflict are constant. Demands for experienced and knowledgable consultants, are high and impact the success of litigation. Imagine a Construction Expert Witness having the resources and experience necessary to deliver the strongest testimony for your construction case.

An Expert Witness Referral service should make sure your expert is supremely qualified to assist you with every part of the process including:

  • Discovery Support
  • Quantification of Damages
  • Standard of Care
  • Defect Analysis
  • Demonstrative Evidence
  • Consultation
  • Testimony
  • Delay Analysis

At Saponaro, Inc., our construction experts provide in-depth analysis and testimony in complex engineering and construction site issues including:

  • Construction accidents
  • Defective or faulty equipment
  • Falls from scaffolding
  • Chemical leaks or explosions
  • Electrical accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • OSHA violations
  • Falling debris

With Saponaro, Inc., every expert is referred to you based on the specific needs of your case and their ability to address those issues. We do not bill for our experts. Our only incentive is to provide you with the person who is most qualified to address your specific concerns.

Contact Saponaro, Inc. today for your construction expert witness needs at 800-327-3026.