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Early Hospital Discharge

December 3, 2019

Medical Peer Review

Thirty days after release from the hospital can pose a risky time for many people. A study found that nearly 20% of patients experience adverse events within 3 weeks of discharge, nearly three-quarters of which could have been prevented.

Early discharge dangers include:

  • Adverse drug events are the most common post-discharge complication
  • hospital-acquired infections
  • procedural complications
  • hazards arising from the fact that nearly 40% of patients are discharged with test results pending
  • discharged with a plan to complete the diagnostic workup as an outpatient

In addition, there is increasing concern that the stressful hospital environment may lead to post-hospitalization syndrome— a patho-physiologic syndrome of weakness and increased stress that may leave patients vulnerable to clinical adverse events such as falls and infections. Nearly 20% of Medicare patients are re-hospitalized within 30 days of discharge.

Questions to consider in hospital discharge:

  • Can patient get in and out of bed safely?
  • Can patient eat and drink?
  • Is patient able to self-administer medications and manage follow up visits?
  • Is there any new symptoms or unresolved pain prior to discharge?
  • Are all labs and test results completed?

Many re-admissions are done under emergency circumstances. These circumstances may harm a patient through:

  • Protracted pain and suffering
  • Prolonged recovery period
  • Additional medical expenses
  • Loss of time from work

Experts that assist in evaluation of early release cases include:

  • Hospital Administrator
  • Emergency Room Personnel
  • Hospitalists
  • Discharge Social Workers

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