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Determining Severity of Motor Vehicle Impact Analysis

September 12, 2011

The results of our motor vehicle impact analysis service can provide clarification of the extent of impact, and injury, caused to your client in the collision. This information provides a tool to confidently determine the value of your case.

Low Speed Accidents

We provide a fixed-price, physics-based document review, which should include:

  • Police Reports
  • Published Vehicle Specifications
  • Photographs
  • Collision and Repair Estimates
  • Statements of Involved Parties

An engineering specialist will analyze the damage shown in the photographs and detailed in the collision and repair estimate and compare this with the published vehicle strength shown in the specifications. This will determine range of speed on impact of the striking vehicle and the changes in velocity of the impacted vehicle, with a series of calculations.

After a range of speeds for the striking vehicle and the resultant change in velocity for the impacted vehicle have been calculated, we will determine the resultant acceleration experienced by the claimant.

Anatomical torques, forces and accelerations are calculated and compared with everyday life events and published human physiological tolerance levels for head, neck and torso injury.

The above findings will be conveyed verbally and a written report will be provided if requested.

We also provide full service investigations including IME expertsAutomotive engineeringBiomechanical engineering and Accident reconstructionist to assist in the pursuit of your motor vehicle accident case.

Additional services offered:

  • Background Checks, including Asset Checks
  • Cell Phone Records of calls and texting
  • Chronology of Medical History and Record Organization

We can also assist with your High Speed Accident cases.

Saponaro, Inc., can provide a cost-effective, physics-based Impact Severity Analysis to evaluate the strength, and increase the value, of your MVA cases. Contact Saponaro, Inc., for assistance with any of the above services and the opportunity to discuss the Impact Severity Analysis service with a designated accident reconstruction expert witness.

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Saponaro, Inc., can make the difference with an Expert that has the best interest of your case in mind. That is why we thoroughly screen your case with potential Experts to obtain the best available match.