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Improve Your Medical Facilities’ Reputation with a Peer Review

November 15, 2015

Medical Peer Review

Medical peer review is the process by which a physician or a committee of physicians examines the work of a peer and determines whether the physician under review has met accepted standards of care in rendering medical services.

With a focus on high-quality health outcomes, independent medical peer review organizations can deliver reliable decisions that are consistent with the appropriate standards of care and free of conflicts of interest. This promotes best practices in workers’ compensation claims, hospitals, surgical centers and independent physician practices utilizing evidence-based medicine.

 What Peer Review Can do for your Organization

  • Provide a safe and effective environment for patients and medical staff
  • Prevent medical errors that negatively impact the reputation of a facility
  • Reduce or eliminate cost due to liability
  • Develop proactive risk reduction programs through Peer Review results
  • Detect and resolves issues that can lead to loss
  • Resolve physician performance issues by removing bias through a fair and balanced Peer Review process.

How an External Peer Review service can help

  • Insure compliance with state and federal mandates for appeals and medical necessity denials.
  • Eliminates conflict of interest
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Reduce risk of Appeal
  • Provide unbiased opinion in case of litigation
  • Streamlining of productivity so reviews are done in a timely, cost effective and orderly manner
  • Provide Peer Review services in all medical specialties and sub specialties
  • Annual Credentialing maintenance
  • Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant credentialing

Services provided through independent Review Organizations

  • Chart Reviews
  • Forensic Medical Reviews
  • Functional Capacity Testing
  • Disability Claims & Evaluations
  • Complete Medical Records Reviews
  • Peer Reviews
  • Utilization Reviews
  • Impairment Ratings
  • Independent Medical Examinations

What to Look for in your Independent Review Organization

  •  Geographically and medically diverse Peer Reviewer Panel
  •  Experienced physicians and clinicians
  •  Established qualifications of all reviewing practioners
  •  Decisions on the strict use of appropriate, evidence-based guidelines

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