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Interesting Cases Involving a Handwriting Analyst

February 12, 2019

Interesting cases involving a handwriting analyst.

A handwriting analyst plays a unique role in a court case. Their expertise lies in identifying similarities and differences from the document in question. They can analyze a handwritten note, for example, and look at aspects such as how it’s written, and the details in the writing.

Handwriting becomes an important piece of the puzzle in many types of cases. One example involves a handwriting analyst assisting in a case involving a dispute over an inheritance. Prior to the death of an elderly couple, their will was amended to exclude one of their sons due to a prolonged, estranged relationship. The amendment to the will came into question, however, when it was realized the couple had reconciled their relationship with the son just before their death. A handwriting analyst would be used to review the amendment documents for the couple’s will.

Handwriting analysts are also used in cases involving alleged forged signatures on important documents such as:

  • Estate inheritance wills
  • Lease and rental agreements
  • Living wills
  • Mortgage documents
  • Vehicle titles
  • And more

These types of professionals are even used in criminal cases involving notes, signatures, or other writing that could potentially incriminate a suspect. For example, in one case involving a drive-by shooting of a residential area, a handwritten note was left on the door of the home that was targeted. The message contained threatening language in connection with the shooting. The suspect’s handwriting was compared to the note’s handwriting by a forensic handwriting expert to determine if it was written by the suspect.

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