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What We Know about Hiring an Accident Reconstruction Expert

March 8, 2018

Auto accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and death. Accident Reconstruction, liability, and severity analysis experts will strengthen your case, but many times cost is a worry. Follow our straight forward referral process that allows you to calculate your cost of hiring an Expert so you can focus on the case, not the cost.

Research has shown that automobile accidents are one of the primary causes of preventable deaths, with traffic collisions being the most prevalent basis of personal injury claims. In the majority of personal injury cases arising from vehicular accidents, the injured party is eligible to recover monetarily for general and special damages, including medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages, from the at-fault party.

Proof of negligence in an MVA is not always apparent. When a collision occurs and is the result of negligence, often there is contradictory opinions on what happened. Determining fault in an accident can be complicated, and it is essential to take steps to ensure that your point of view is heard. Employing an Accident Reconstruction Expert allows the attorney to identify contributory negligence by one or both parties that is caused by faulty road conditions, carelessness, or aggressive actions. Accident Reconstruction has become an invaluable part of personal injury claims. Forensic Accident Reconstruction Experts come equipped with the latest software to recreate the events. They also use specialized equipment to record data from accident scenes.

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What We Know:

  • Hire an Expert as soon as possible. The passage of time can erode eye witness memories and allow for repair to any physical damage to accident area or vehicles. When an Expert comes on early in the investigation evidence can be preserved through documentation. Also, the evaluation of an Expert can assist in a settlement saving you and your client the cost of a trial.
  • Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. There are many referral services that have a stable of Experts. When you hire an expert make sure that they have specific experience to the facts of your case not just an engineering degree.
  • It is important to know if your Expert is willing to support their opinion in deposition and or trial.

Many other types of Experts are also utilized in accident reconstruction cases. Your case may require:

Law Enforcement Expert/High Speed Chase

Truck Driving Expert

Road condition/Visibility Expert

Heavy equipment Expert

Highway Construction Expert

Cell Phone Expert

Life care Planning Expert

Our Accident Reconstruction Experts combine extensive academic training and practical experience to a wide range of accident reconstruction ranging from pedestrian accidents to multi-commercial vehicle accidents. With many specialized reconstructionists, Saponaro, Inc. is able to assign a professional with specific experience to your case. With a full range of backgrounds, we are well equipped to provide the relevant expertise to your case, providing in-depth analysis of any accident variety.

These Experts can also use software technology to reconstruct accidents. The findings can be used to corroborate witness testimonies, demonstrate the impact that led to the trauma, and determine who was at fault during the crash. Accident reconstruction expertise can also valuable in:

  • Motor vehicle accidents that involve pedestrians. Their analysis helps determine the force and point of impact.
  • Accidents involving the collision of cars with trucks or buses. Here the experts analyze the unique dynamics of buses and trucks during such collisions. The massive sizes of these vehicles and their high center of gravity are some of the factors that accident reconstruction experts use to determine the impact and severity of the injuries sustained.
  • Multi car accidents

Expert testimony regarding how an accident occurred is key to settlement negotiations. Using illustrations, simulations, models, animations and other methods, Accident Reconstructionists can show exactly what happened, how it happened, and how it could have been prevented. If there are photographs of crash scenes and medical records, these can usually demonstrate the severity of the accident or damages sustained.

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