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There is no Yelp for Experts

March 1, 2021

It is common knowledge that expert witness fees can be one of the highest costs in litigation, if not the highest.  Especially if a referral service invoices for the expert assisting on the case. Therefore, an attorney will try to mitigate these costs by:

Finding an expert on their own, and using that expert on multiple cases

Asking around, via email blast or word of mouth, to see if anyone has an expert in the required specialty

Using a local doctor to screen their case, and trying to find an expert that agrees with this opinion

In addition to the risks and costs of the above there are many expert horror stories, that involve:

  • Not disclosing a disciplinary action
  • Not actively performing the procedure or care in question
  • Difficult to communicate with and ignoring agreed upon deadlines
  • Experts testifying outside the scope of their expertise
  • Exorbitant billing on negative cases
  • Surprise fees once you have passed the deadline to name experts
  • Expert not willing to support their opinion in trial

Launching an expert witness search on your own can take considerable time and effort, particularly if the case involves unfamiliar or complex issues. The time and mental effort spent evaluating and screening experts is time that should be spent on billable hours.

In addition to saving time and effort, Saponaro, Inc. can also save you money. For instance, we offer “flat fee” options. Plus, you should be able to speak directly with one source for all your case needs, versus dealing with a service that requires several steps, and personnel, to get you what you need. Since attorneys usually work in several different practice areas, Saponaro, Inc. can assist with a multitude of malpractice, personal injury, or product liability experts allowing access to the broad range of experts without the need to contact several sources.

Saponaro, Inc. can provide the above services, with referrals to actively practicing and board-certified medical experts, and healthcare professionals, that are specifically matched to the care in question of your case. Plus, our personal injury experts are matched the same way, and have actual experience with the industry in question, such as construction, automotive, educational, law enforcement, and premises liability.

Since there are no expensive subscriptions required or a percentage added to your experts hourly rate, deposition and/or trial fee, you are able to control the costs of your case.

Every expert referred is screened to meet the exact requirements of your case. We have no contracts with our experts, so our only priority is providing you with the best possible expert to assist on your case.  

When you have limited time and resources available to locate and vet credible and qualified experts we are the one call you need to make.  Saponaro, Inc. can help you build a stronger case. Let us be a part of your team, without adding to the expense of your case.

Expert Witness Testimony. Referrals in All Areas of Litigation.

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