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Can an Accident Reconstructionist Benefit Your Case?

October 24, 2018

Find out if an accident reconstructionist can help your case.

There are many factors that can make or break a case, especially one’s involving injuries, death(s), or monetary losses. Accident reconstructionists and investigators can often be the deciding factor in lawsuits and insurance claims involving automobile accidents.

Determining if hiring an accident reconstructionist will benefit your case ultimately comes down to what type of accident investigator you hire. Do they have the right traits, experience, and skills to be a positive addition to your case? Or will they simply be an added cost that doesn’t add value? Knowing what to look for in an accident reconstructionist and where you can find one is essential.

Finding the Right Accident Reconstructionist

As you research whether adding an accident investigator to your case is a smart decision, make sure the expert you hire will have:

  • Well-rounded experience not just in court, but in the lab and field.
    You need this expert witness to be superior at testifying in court, but they should also be pros with the art of accident reconstruction. The best of these individuals have a combination of knowledge. Think of combining a seasoned police officer with a forensic engineer and an intuitive lab tech. The right accident investigator will be proficient on the field at the accident site, in the laboratory analyzing data, and in the courtroom explaining their findings and expert opinion to the jury.
  • A history of objective, reliable conclusions.
    This trait is obvious. You need the accident reconstructionist you hire to provide an unbiased assessment of a crash scene. Their research and conclusions should be based on solid evidence that can hold up in court.
  • A positive reputation of expert testimony.
    Much of the work of an accident investigator happens before court, when you are strategizing your case with other expert witnesses and putting the pieces together. However, when it comes time to testify, the accident reconstructionist you hire should have an outstanding reputation for offering compelling testimony. This professional should have earned the respect of the industry.
  • Modern, up-to-date tools and equipment to get the job done.
    Accident reconstructionists rely on instruments and devices to assess the accident scene, conduct research, and analyze findings. For example, sometimes there is a need to examine and interpret data from a “black box” located within an automobile involved in a crash. This data can inform the accident reconstruction. A fully equipped garage is another factor that’s often needed for an accident reconstructionist to do ajob properly. The best accident investigators use reliable, modern equipment in formalizing their opinions on your case.
  • Impressive credentials.
    Not all accident reconstructionists are certified, but take note of the ones who are. The Accreditation Council for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) provides certifications that require a minimum of 80 hours of continuing education training.

Where to Find the Accident Investigator You Need

Saponaro, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for all of your expert witness needs, including the most professional accident reconstruction experts. We also have experts trained in providing physics-based Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Impact Analysis to evaluable the strength and increase the value of your cases. In addition, the Force Impact Severity Analysis report provides clarification of the extent of impact and injury to your client.

Depending on your needs, we provide accident reconstructionists for the following areas:

  • Low speed two vehicle accidents
  • High speed accident cases
  • Full service vehicle accident investigations

If you need additional expert witnesses for your case, such as law enforcement experts, truck driving experts, heavy equipment experts, or cell phone experts, we are able to assist.

Our Experts, with a full range of backgrounds, are well equipped to provide the relevant expertise to your case, providing in-depth analysis of any accident variety, in order to give you the winning edge

Request an accident reconstructionist or other expert witness today.