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Expert Witness Fees: How Much Does an Expert Witness Really Cost? [Infographic]

June 8, 2016

expert witness fees

Expert Witness Fees Can Get Expensive

One of the largest expenses for plaintiff and defense attorneys alike is the retention of an expert witness.

Expert witness fees can pile-up fast, especially for high fee medical experts. At Saponaro, Inc, we connect attorneys with top expert witnesses for a flat expert witness referral fee, rather than marking up an expert’s hourly fee. By doing this, it allows the attorney to work directly with the expert without the 20-40% markup per hour.

Our experts set their own fee schedules, and the hourly rate normally depends on the area of expertise – generally experts in medical fields will command higher hourly rates and expert testimony fees than those in non-medical fields.

For example, a non-medical expert may charge anywhere from $200 to $300 an hour, while it’s common for medical experts to charge $400 to $600 per hour for their time involved in assisting on a case.

Because you work directly with the expert after we match you, and you pay the expert directly, we provide you with fee information, along with the expert’s Curriculum Vitae, upfront, so you can plan ahead for the costs associated with the experts review, deposition, and trial testimony.

We try to be provide you with the necessary information regarding the expert witness fees, but the expert’s we recommend are accessible to you to explain fees if you have a question. Below, our expert witness cost infographic compares the flat referral fee vs. the cost of traditional expert witness referral services.

Our Expert Witness Fee infographic compares the flat referral fee vs. the cost of traditional expert witness referral services.

Expert Witness Fees [Infographic]

Saponaro, Inc.’s straight-forward expert witness fee schedule removes the guess work. Many expert witness referral companies bill their clients at an hourly rate, each time the client interacts with the expert witness that was provided.

We charge a one-time referral fee to screen your case and provide the best possible expert. All expert fees are quoted with the referral so you know exactly how much of an investment you are making in a qualified expert witness.

There are no hidden fees. Contact us today for a NO OBLIGATION discussion of your case.