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Case Intake

March 13, 2024

Client filling out case intake form

Case intake is a crucial stage in the legal process, and it holds particular significance in medical malpractice cases. The importance of case intake in medical malpractice cases can be understood through various key factors:

  1. Early Evaluation of Merit:

    Case intake allows attorneys to consider the potential merits of a medical malpractice case, which can lead to collecting the pertinent medical records, reviewing the case facts, and determining if there is a valid claim to initiate a case evaluation by an expert.

  2. Statute of Limitations Compliance:

    Depending on when the injury was discovered, or when the care in question occurred; Medical malpractice cases are subject to statute of limitations. Case intake ensures that potential cases can be evaluated promptly to meet these deadlines.

  3. Resource Allocation:

    Efficient case intake helps law firms allocate resources effectively. Not all potential cases may have strong merits, and prioritizing viable claims ensures that the firm invests time and resources where they are most likely to yield positive outcomes.

  4. Client Consultation:

    Case intake involves initial consultations with potential clients. Attorneys can assess the client’s expectations, provide legal advice, and determine if there is a strong attorney-client relationship. Clear communication at this stage is essential for managing expectations and establishing trust.

  5. Expert Consultation:

    Attorneys may consult with medical experts during case intake to better understand the medical aspects of a potential claim. Expert input helps in understanding if the case is worth pursuing and the type of experts required to properly analyze whether there is a credible case of negligence and established damages.

  6. Medical Literature Research:

    As a part of case intake, legal teams conduct preliminary research to identify relevant articles that may impact the case. This research helps in understanding the medical landscape and potential challenges in pursuing the case.

  7. Preservation of Evidence:

    Early case intake ensures that evidence is identified and preserved promptly. Medical records, pertinent radiology studies related to the care in question and any other critical pieces of evidence need to be secured to build a strong case.

  8. Educating Clients:

    Case intake provides an opportunity to educate potential clients about the legal process, potential outcomes, and challenges associated with medical malpractice cases. Informed clients are better equipped to make decisions about pursuing legal action.

  9. Screening for Conflicts of Interest:

    Case intake involves screening for conflicts of interest. Attorneys need to ensure that they can ethically and effectively represent a client without conflicting obligations to other clients or the parties involved.

  10. Case Screening for Viability:

    Screening during case intake helps identify cases with high viability for success. This includes assessing the strength of evidence, the severity of damages, and the likelihood of proving negligence.

  11. Cost-Benefit Analysis:

    Attorneys conduct a cost-benefit analysis during case intake to evaluate the potential financial costs and benefits associated with pursuing a medical malpractice case. This analysis allows you to make informed decisions on resource allocation and case strategy.

Saponaro, Inc. is able to assist at all stages of the litigation process.  Whether it is in making the initial decision to move forward with a case; locating the properly credentialed expert to address the standard of care; or recommending causation experts or a life care planners to establish  damages and/or costs.

Case intake is a critical initial phase in malpractice cases as it sets the foundation for the entire legal process. Medical malpractice cases can be costly and difficult. The task of obtaining fair compensation for the victims of medical negligence is a challenge. 

Saponaro, Inc. has 50 years of experience helping attorneys work through the maze of medical malpractice and personal injury litigation to help with the success of this process.

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