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Building Personal Injury Cases with Trial Technology

September 11, 2013

trialtechnologies-300x163Personal injury cases require detailed evidence in a court of law. There are a variety of resources to use when presenting a personal injury case in a court room. No matter how a client was injured, from a traffic accident to medical negligence, trial technology can help build a visual that will help strengthen a personal injury case.

See how your personal injury case can benefit from using trial technology: (more…)


Employment Litigation Experts

July 15, 2013

employmentterminationEmployment litigation has tripled in the past decade to more than one-third of all lawsuits filed in the federal courts of the United States. Regulations, compliance, and assessments are increasing in complexity, and the number of employee suits filed each year continues to rise.

Saponaro, Inc. understands how to effectively and efficiently evaluate and refer an expert to address your employer-employee relations issues. If you are involved in employment litigation, and need a knowledgeable expert, please contact us.



How to Reduce Your Risk for Medical Malpractice

July 1, 2013

When a person enters a hospital or other medical facility, they do so expecting the highest standards of care, and to leave in better condition than they first entered. While no one enters a medical facility with the intent of being harmed, injuries still occur.

While it’s not possible to completely eliminate your risk for medical malpractice, you can take some steps to reduce your risks:

Research: Before scheduling a doctor’s appointment, take some time to do some research of your own. There are many websites out there that will tell you malpractice rates for any facility, as well as sites that provide records and reviews on individual doctors.

Observe for Cleanliness: When you arrive at the office or facility, look around. Is everything clean and sterile? Do you observe doctors and nurses washing their hands and following other proper medical procedures? According to MIT Technology Review, about 100,000 people have died due to hospital infections, some of which stemmed from doctors, nurses, and technicians not washing well enough.

Ask Questions: Is the doctor knowledgeable about your condition, and able to provide satisfactory answers? If you feel like your doctor doesn’t seem to know or care about your condition, find another doctor.

Most doctors carry medical malpractice insurance to protect themselves and the cost of their legal defense should a medical malpractice case come about. The plaintiff, on the other hand, will need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Lawyers on both sides will call medical experts to either confirm or deny that the doctor’s conduct and actions fell below the standard of care.

If you believe that you are a victim of medical malpractice, contact an attorney to find out whether or not you have a case.


Using Hospital Negligence Experts for a Medical Negligence Claim

May 15, 2013

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine published the groundbreaking publication “To Err Is Human,” a study which found that tens of thousands of patients died every year from medical mistakes. Despite this, only a small portion of such patients’ families file a medical negligence claim.

hospital-300x196A 2002-2007 study took place in ten North Carolina hospitals, and found that injury to patients was commonplace and the instances of injury did not decline over time. The problems reported in the study included adverse reactions to drugs, the development of bedsores, the failure to prevent falls, and the readmission of a patient to a hospital within 30 days of discharge.

Unfortunately, reporting medical errors is voluntary. (more…)


Robotic Surgery Experts

April 15, 2013

Robotic surgery has come a long way since 1985 when the first robot was used to place a needle for a brain biopsy using CT guidance.

Today, more than 800 hospitals in the U.S. and Europe use the highly advanced da Vinci surgical system, and a host of other systems, to perform everything from hysterectomies to mitral valve repairs.

However, like any surgical procedure, there are risks involved, and a botched surgery can lead to serious life-long complications or even death.  Because robotic surgical systems (RSS) are so new, doctors, hospitals, and even the FDA are still trying to assess those risks. (more…)


Chomping at the Bit: Dental Malpractice

March 5, 2013

If you represent a person that has been injured or disfigured due to Dental Malpractice, contact Saponaro Inc. for a no-obligation discussion of your case and the recommendation of the service best suited to meet your needs.

Most people dislike going to the dentist, and when that dentist is negligent, it can cause patients to experience significant permanent trauma and pain. The impact of dental malpractice on a patient can seriously influence their appearance as well as their general health.

dental expert witness referred by Saponaro, Inc. will provide independent dental evaluations, consultations, depositions, and testimony, and explain dental terminology and treatment in a concise and understandable manner.

With more than 35 years of experience (more…)


Emergency Room Mistakes

January 5, 2013

Emergency Rooms are fast-paced, stressful places for hospital staff, patients, and families alike. In most instances, emergency room personnel provide life-saving care.  However, failure to follow protocols in assessing and treating patients can result in irreversible harm or death.

Saponaro, Inc. is chosen everyday by attorneys, insurance professionals, and other private and public agencies because of our strong selection of Emergency Medicine expert witnesses.



The Right Choice for Expert Services

November 12, 2012

Don’t trust your case to an unknown expert that you find on the internet, and end up being highly disappointed with the work product, knowledge, and/or credibility of the expert you have decided to rely on for the most important aspect of your case.

Saponaro, Inc. is chosen everyday by successful trial lawyers because of our strong selection of premier experts in all areas of litigation, years of experience, and our commitment to your success.

Why should you choose Saponaro Inc.?

We will perform a detailed screening of your case to make sure that the expert we recommend is the best possible match to the specifics of your case.



Plastic Surgery Mishaps

October 8, 2012

Find a physician assistant expert witness

Cosmetic/Plastic surgery is gaining in popularity; however, one surgical mistake during cosmetic or plastic surgery can lead to disfigurement, permanent injury, and even death.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported the following plastic and cosmetic surgery statistics:

  • There was a 7% increase in plastic surgeries between 2010 and 2011
  • Over 5.6 million Botox injections were administered
  • 243,772 people had plastic surgery on the nose (Rhinoplasty)
  • 204,702 people had liposuction
  • 307,180 breast augmentation surgeries were performed
  • 196,286 people had eyelid surgery
  • 119,026 people received facelifts



MBS Mortgage Expert Witnesses

March 30, 2012

Litigation concerning mortgage-backed securities (MBS) is heating up in 2012, as the courts are denying many of the defendants’ motions to dismiss. This is leading to a long and involved discovery process, as both sides will have to examine the mortgage loans underlying the securitizations in great detail.

Typically, the complains in these lawsuits allege:

  • The mortgage loan originator did not follow its underwriting guidelines or industry standards
  • Appraisals were artificially increased and did not follow industry appraisal standards, resulting in incorrect loan-to-value percentages.
  • During securitization, the due diligence process of reviewing mortgages for inclusion in the MBS was flawed or ignored.
  • Mortgage terms were modified by servicing organizations and these new terms were not in the best interests of the investors of the MBS.