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Can an Accident Reconstructionist Benefit Your Case?

October 24, 2018

Find out if an accident reconstructionist can help your case.

There are many factors that can make or break a case, especially one’s involving injuries, death(s), or monetary losses. Accident reconstructionists and investigators can often be the deciding factor in lawsuits and insurance claims involving automobile accidents.

Determining if hiring an accident reconstructionist will benefit your case ultimately comes down to what type of accident investigator you hire. Do they have the right traits, experience, and skills to be a positive addition to your case? Or will they simply be an added cost that doesn’t add value? Knowing what to look for in an accident reconstructionist and where you can find one is essential.



What NOT to Do When Hiring Expert Witnesses

October 1, 2018

Hiring expert witnesses

Let’s talk hiring expert witnesses. If you’re either considering finding one for a case, or you’ve already been down the road of hiring expert witnesses, each experience is a learning opportunity.

The Internet is swamped with articles on how to hire an expert witness, when you should hire an expert witness, and what expert witnesses do. But what about mistakes to avoid? Even in this area, you can learn from others’ mistakes.



How to Ensure an Expert Testimony is Accurate

September 27, 2018

How to ensure an expert testimony is accurate

You already know that it takes a specifically qualified individual to be a strong expert witness, and that choosing the right expert witness can make or break your case. However, when attempting to hire an expert witness on your own, you might spend hours and hours locating a potential expert, not including the vetting process, and end up with an expert witness whose testimony is far from sufficient.

So, how do you make sure an expert is the right choice for your case and that their expert testimony and/or opinion is what is needed for a successful outcome? Start with the characteristics of the ideal testifying expert witness below.



Is Expert Witnessing Right for You?

September 12, 2018

Is expert witnessing right for you?

What does it take to become an expert witness, and do you have the time and interest in assisting on legal matters?

An expert is a specialist with advanced knowledge in a professional area, such as any medical or hospital personnel, as well as the fields of automotive, finance, engineering, law enforcement or education, to name a few industries. This person has knowledge and expertise in a particular area, which is due to hands-on work in that specific specialty. An expert witness is someone who gives sworn evidence on the applicable standards of care in a court of law.



Blood Bank Experts and the Stringent Screening Process

June 1, 2018

saponaro blood blank

Blood donation, not unlike voting and jury duty, is sometimes seen as one of those civic duties everyone ought to exercise if they are able to do so. What many don’t realize is the pipeline that collects and distributes blood is as highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as the pharmaceutical industry. A recent incident in Gary, Indiana serves as a reminder of why the screening process is so stringent.



An Example of a Forensic Engineering Case: “An Operating Room Table with a Mind of It’s Own”

April 9, 2018

saponaro medical devices

In this case, a patient was lying fully anesthetized on an operating room table for a surgical procedure. Several minutes into the procedure, the table began to move without being directed by OR personnel. Efforts to stop the movement by using the standard control pendant or over-ride switches were unsuccessful.



Cost Efficient and Timely Medical Case Evaluations

February 9, 2018

Because of your experience as a malpractice attorney, and for many of you in States with caps on damages, you already understand that not all malpractice cases are created equal. But each file in your office represents individuals and their families, and you want to provide them with assistance in answering their questions and concerns and need to do so with a limited time and cost investment. We can help you get questions answered in a cost efficient and timely way. Many times records are voluminous and deadlines are looming.



Save Time and Money with Litigation Support Services

January 9, 2018

Saponaro, Inc. Litigation Support Services

Attorneys and legal specialists often find themselves swamped with mountains of documents and data that can be overwhelming and potentially stall cases. At Saponaro, Inc. we support firms by meticulously examining and organizing this information, providing expert advice and opinions, and saving firms time and money.


Saponaro, Inc. has over 40 years of experience streamlining litigation organization, and tailoring our services to the needs of our clients, and we furnish an upfront quote before the job begins. (more…)


How to Minimize Cost When Working With an Expert Witness

November 7, 2017

saponaro-Minimize Cost When Working With an Expert Witness

Deciding on whether or not to pursue a potential medical-legal matter can be challenging and expensive if you do not have the right plan in place. Here are a few tips to make your decision easier, cost-effective, and successful.



Police Misconduct Through the Unequal Application of the Law

October 4, 2017

Saponaro Police Misconduct

The recent arrest of a courageous nurse at the University of Utah as she refused to allow a police officer to draw blood from an unconscious patient without a warrant offers some important lessons about preparing for interactions with police, whether they are investigating you or one of your patients.